7 Mode High Pressure Car Water Spray Gun

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Lyrovo 7 Mode High Pressure Car Water Spray Gun - 6 Month Warranty

  • Warranty:Product have 6 Month* Warranty Register your warranty within 10 days of Purchase || Warranty Activation is Mandatory
  • (7-Pattern Spray Gun): 1)Shower 2)Cone 3)Mist 4)Flate 5)Angle 6)Full 7)Center
  • Spray Hose Gun For All 1/2" Female Hose Connectors
  • Ergonomic Soft Rubber Grip For Comfort And Protection
  • Fully Tested For Durability

Product description

  • This 7-Pattern water spray gun has a Rubber-coated spray head with a soft dial ring to protect against damage.
  • A soft, insulated grip protects the hand from hot or cold water temperature.
  • It has a fiberglass reinforced nylon trigger lever.
  • Spray patterns include:
  • Durability & Ergonomics.
  • Made of metal body with rubberized outer coating, this hose nozzle is easy to grip, slip-resistant and comfortable fit.
  • The included high quality removable nozzle allows you to fix it to any 1/2 inch bore garden hose, you can remove it in case you already have GHT fittings on your hose Ergonomic Soft Rubber Grip.
  • Means comfortable spraying and your hand won't tire.
  • The soft rubber coating makes this garden hose nozzle very comfortable in your hand so you can water for long periods of time
  • ROBUST: Metal elements result in greater durability
  • UNIVERSAL: Compatible with all available click systems.
7 Mode High Pressure Car Water Spray Gun
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