12V DC Auto Off Digital Tyre Inflator Pump with LED Light

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VR-LY-05 Car Tyre Inflator

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Lyrovo Digital Display air compressor has a digital display that tells you current tire air pressure. You don't have to disconnect the tire inflator and use a separate tire pressure gauge to check the pressure. When you put the tire pump onto your valve stem it automatically shows you what your tire pressure is, and then you just set it to whatever your desired pressure is and turn it on and it will automatically inflate to that set pressure.

Auto Shut Off Best feature is the auto shut-off, which means you don't have to watch air pump closely to see if it has gotten to the right pressure. You can measure your tire pressure and then you can add air to your tires based on your chosen tire pressure, the portable air compressor will automatically stop when you have reached the maximum tire pressure, so you can't over inflate.

Fast Inflating The car air pump measures pressure in 4 units: Kg/cm², PSI, KPA and BAR. The 12V air compressor can inflate your standard car tires in several minutes, it doesn’t take long to put your tires at the right PSI. Do not use the air pump for car tire continuously for more than 10 minutes, normally our tire air pump takes approximately 5-8 minutes to inflate standard tire pressure 220KPA or a little big longer for bigger tires

9.2Ft Long Power Cord & LED Light The 9.2 feet long power cord is long enough to reach the front and rear tires on the car. The car tire inflator has built in LED light which is very helpful in low lit areas. The LED light is plenty bright enough for emergency situation. It's not a flashlight but it's more than enough to find the dust caps on your wheels.

Brand Lyrovo
Power Source 12V DC Cigarette Port
Maximum Pressure 150 Pound per Square Inch
Operation Mode Automatic

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12V DC Auto Off Digital Tyre Inflator Pump with LED Light
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